My First Blue Hour

What is Blue Hour, you ask?

The blue hour (from French l’heure bleue) is the period of twilight early in the dawn each morning and late in the dusk each evening, when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and when the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.

I learned that blue hour is a magical time at night for taking amazing pictures. I also learned the hard way later on in London, you absolutely need a tripod to take these pictures with long shutter exposure. I then learned how much I love capturing sunbursts!

To find out when blue hour is in your city go here.

My first blue hour experience was on Pont de la Tournelle capturing the back of Notre-Dame de Paris. It starts out with sunset pictures then fades to blue hour.


Starting at Sunset


Sunbursts are my favorite

IMG_5720 2

Waiting time between sunset and Blue Hour


Slow shutter speed to capture slow moving boats

IMG_4776 (1)

Lights are shining

IMG_4767 (1)

Blue hour striking in with clouds

IMG_4791 (1)

The colors brighten.



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